Arsenal Builds Scholar-Athletes

The truth is, nearly 95% of all elite-level athletes in any sport (even those attending college with scholarship assistance) will NOT make it to the professional level.  What that means is that it is the responsibility of any organized sports program to best prepare young athletes for success!

At Arsenal, we pride ourselves on promiting all of the following elements in an effort to maximize success both on and off the pitch:

  • Sportsmanship - honoring self, family, club & sport... win or lose!
  • Scholarship - best-effort and discipline in the classrom & as a ’student’ of soccer
  • Citizenship - honesty, integrity & character as an ambassador of Arsenal Soccer Club 
  • Stewardship - respect for your body & the health & safety of teamates & opponents
  • Service - seeking out opportunities to serve your family, community & soccer club!


Many educators and elite-level coaches (including collegiate coaches who may be looking to recruit your young scholar-athlete) agree that there is VERY LITTLE difference between the distinguishing characterisitcs of a student who excels in the classroom from the athlete who excels on the field of play.  Both environments require discipline, adaptability, resolve and a commitment to excellence.

Arsenal has assembled a staff of coaches and club leaders who are committed to developing these attributes within our players from the youngest Academy players to our even our oldest elite-level youth teams.  Much of what our players learn now will shape them for years to come.

Click HERE to visit the NCAA website to obtain additional insight and important information for your aspiring scholar-athlete!

Play hard... play fair... be excellent!